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Search by CRN and Search Classes to Swap

Product Update -    Released On - 10/12/20

In this update: 

  • Search by CRN
  • Search for Class to Swap from your Shopping Cart
  • Search for Class to Swap by Subject

Search by Course Registration Number (known as CRN or Class #)

Configuration available for PeopleSoft, Banner, or Colleague customers. Configuration unavailable for Workday at this time.

Students can now search to add courses by course registration number before schedule generation. We're now providing students the ability to search for a specific CRN and add it to their desired course list on the home page. Searching by CRN allows students to find a specific section of a course earlier in the scheduling process and generate their schedule around that particular section. When students click the +Add Course screen from the Scheduler home page and are taken to the Add Course screen. Here they will have a new tab called By CRN. The term “CRN” shown in the title is configurable per institution. Student’s can enter one CRN at a time.

This will search for the course and filter the sections of that course to the CRN that is being searched on. For example, if the user were to click the wheel icon for that course on the homepage, they would see the CRN that was searched for under the Enabled tab, and all other sections of the course would be under the Disabled tab.  

Enabled means that that section will be included when generating schedules, and Disabled means those sections will not be included in the generated schedule results. This allows the student to generate schedules with only that  specific CRN being taken into account.

Searching for Courses to SWAP

Swap a Course from your Shopping Cart

Available for PeopleSoft customers.

Students now have three ways to search for courses in Swap. Students' schedule needs can change quickly, so we've made it easier for a student to search classes to SWAP in and out of their current schedule. In addition to Swapping by CRN or Class #, students can SWAP courses from their Shopping Cart. Students begin by selecting the class to Swap, then clicking the Shopping Cart tab. Here they can select an alternate course that they have previously added to their Shopping Cart without navigating back to the Shopping Cart screen.

Swap by Subject

Available for PeopleSoft customers.

We've also improved the Search functionality to include Search for a Course by Subject. Students begin by selecting the class to SWAP, then clicking the By Subject tab. After selecting a subject and course, students can select from the list of sections to Swap.

If you currently have SWAP enabled, you will see tabs for Search by Class Number and Shopping Cart. If you have enabled, Search by Subject on the Add Course screen this will also be available. Search by Subject can be configured on or off. 

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