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Recorded Administrative Analytics Sessions

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Administrative Analytics | Leveraging Illume Insights Across the Student Journey

With Illume, institutional leaders and teams can identify and act on opportunities to increase the persistence and completion of key and unique student populations through specific and targeted actions and innovations. In this session, we discussed using Illume's Powerful Predictors to create strategies to support all students and key student populations. Our remaining focus was on using persistence prediction data for the same student groups to design outreach, determine services referrals, assign institutional resources, determine communications processes and modalities, create term and annual calendars, and review processes and policies. (Originally recorded: May 2021)

Initiative Analysis | Impact: Starting with the End in Mind 

The close of Spring is the perfect time to plan to collect and use data on Summer and Fall programming. We reviewed Impact features and functionality during this session, with an eye toward analyzing this year's data and also planning for the future. In addition, Chief Data Scientist Dave Kil provided Impact insights from across the Civitas Learning community with the results of a meta analysis of intervention programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Originally recorded: May 2021)

Civitas Learning Platform | Model Information and Process Updates

The priorities and processes of colleges and universities have changed due to COVID-19 and institutions' data and analytic insights have changed as well. The session included a conversation with Dave Kil, Civitas Learning's Chief Data Scientist, and Grace Gee, Senior Product Manager for Analytics and Leadership Solutions, regarding our predictive models and modeling processes, and how they have been impacted by and managed throughout COVID-19. (Originally recorded: April 2021)

Illume: Aligning Student Needs with Institutional Resources

We’ll discuss ways to leverage Illume insights to create paths to persistence for key student populations, by identifying those student groups’ needs and data attributes, and creating a plan to direct each unique student subpopulation to the resources and behaviors that will best support their intentions to earn their credential from your school. (Originally recorded: March 2021)

Illume: Leveraging LMS Engagement, a Key Persistence Indicator

Using Illume to look at engagement factors from your Learning Management System (LMS) can provide you with timely and actionable insights into students’ learning and engagement behaviors. When you couple that with information on students’ academic progress and other persistence attributes, you can identify opportunities for specific and meaningful conversations with students that will support their success at your institution. (Originally recorded: February 2021)

Impact: Starting with the End in Mind

We’ll begin the 2021 webinar series with recommendations for gathering, analyzing, sharing, and acting on Summer and Fall data. Then we’ll turn our focus to planning for future analyses, ensuring your institution is collecting the data this term that you’ll need to use Impact to assess your progress toward your student retention goals. (Originally recorded: January 2021)

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