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Dual Roles

Dual Roles allows users to have both a Student and a Staff or Faculty role. Each role is completely separate from the other, with no overlap in permissions or visibility.

When users are assigned dual roles, they will see which role they are logged in as to the right of their name on the top right. Users can switch between roles by selecting the arrow next to their role.

On a user’s Settings page, they can change which role to login to by default.

Adding a Staff or Faculty role to a Student user

  1. In User Management, select Add User

  2. Select the “Add Role to Student User” tab

  3. Enter the name or ID of the student in the search bar

  4. If appropriate, add the user’s NedID and/or Unique Person ID

  5. Add the user’s roles, select any appropriate permissions, and configure the user’s visibility

  6. Select Add User

Merge a Student User into an existing Staff or Faculty account

  1. In User Management, select the checkbox next to the Staff or Faculty user’s name

  2. From the Actions drop-down, select “Merge With Student Account”

  3. Enter the name or ID of the student user to be merged into the account

  4. Select which email should be associated with the combined account (this email will be the email used to login for either role).

  5. Select Merge Users

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