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Register by CRN (Banner)

9/30/2021 - BANNER: Register by CRN, which allows you to skip schedule generation and selection, is available by request for institutions that use Banner.

What It Does

Scheduler allows students to see all possible schedules for their desired course list, but sometimes students (or advisors) know exactly which sections are needed. To allow them to skip schedule generation and selection altogether, Scheduling includes a Register by CRN (Course Registration Number) option you can enable, for directly adding course sections for immediate registration.

If your institution uses a different acronym for CRN, the field can be customized to match.

How It Works

On the Current Schedule tab, select Register by CRN to enter one or more CRN codes to the schedule without going through schedule generation. Using this shortcut, you can:

  • Enter a complete schedule (as a comma-separated set of CRN numbers)

  • Add one or more courses to the existing schedule

The option appears both before and during scheduling: