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About Athletics

For Athletics, Student Success Units (SSUs) operate like any other, with these additions: Varsity Sports filter, Athletics Groups, Coaches, and Report Center. SSUs do not track tutoring or study hours currently.

Varsity Sports filter

On the Students Advanced Search page, under Other, there is a Varsity Sports filter.

  • Select the filter’s plus + sign to have the column added to your results.

  • Check one or more boxes for the specific programs if you only want to see students in those programs.

Student Advanced Search > Other > Varsity Sports

Athletics Groups

By default, a group for each of your athletic teams is created. You can search Athletics groups on the Groups page. Use these groups for actions at the team level:

  • Messaging

  • Targeted advising hours

  • Library sharing

  • Announcements

Student Management > Groups > Athletics


Coaches can be enabled as a type of Advisor, and each team can be assigned to their respective coach. The Coach Advisor field is available under Assigned Advisors in the Advanced Search across all student success units at your institution. This means that an advisor in academic unit can search for students who are assigned to a particular coach.

Student Advanced Search > Assigned Advisors > Coach Advisor

Coaches can also be shown on student athlete profiles.

Student Summary > Profile > Advising > Coach

Report Center

Athletics SSUs have an additional report in the Report Center, called Athletics/Team. This allows the Athletics unit to monitor status across the team:

  • Individual athlete GPAs

  • Team GPAs

  • Grades per course

  • Credits enrolled per student

To run this report,

  1. Open Report > Report Center > Create Reports.

  2. Select Athletics/Team.

  3. Choose your options:

    1. Team: Keep All Student Athletes, or type to find the team you want

    2. Term: Select the term to view

    3. Report Details: GPA Ranges: Drag the sliders to adjust the GPAs and credits you want

    4. Demographics: Add any additional columns and filtering you want

Report > Report Center > Create Reports > Athletics/Team

Once the report is run, you can click student names to expand and see their courses for the term, which you can then download or email.

Report > Report Center > Create Reports > Athletics/Team Report